Month: March 2016

Identificación de plantas nativas, invasoras y ornamentales (Identification of native, invasive and ornamental plants)

Este taller de entrenamiento es para botánicos, jardineros, paisajistas o personas interesadas en plantas. Es gratis, abierto al público y será en español. Esta clase estudiará cómo identificar plantas comunes de la zona. Casa Latina, in collaboration with King County, is hosting a free Spanish language workshop on identification of common plants found in western Washington. The workshop will be free, open to the public and will be presented in Spanish. The material presented in this workshop is geared toward botanists, landscapers, and gardeners but will be useful to anyone interested in plants of western Washington.

Italian Arum – March 2016 Weed of the Month

I first learned to fear Italian arum in the late 1990’s. Botanist Doug Ewing, then manager of the University of Washington Botany Greenhouse, alarmed me with scary tales of his battles with Italian arum in the gardens behind the greenhouse where it had taken hold. No matter what he threw at it, the plant kept coming back