Noxious-Weed-News-Header-Blog2Noxious Weeds Blog provides information and updates on noxious weeds and invasive plants found in King County, Washington, tips on identifying and controlling weeds throughout the year, updates on events and classes, and noxious weed news from around the state and beyond.  Our goal is to provide information that is useful for everyone impacted by noxious weeds, from homeowners and gardeners to vegetation managers, restoration workers and landscape professionals.  We also include job listings, program news, grants, and other information that we think would be useful to people working on noxious weeds.  This blog is written by staff of King County’s Noxious Weed Control Program with occasional contributions from other members of King County’s Department of Natural Resources and Parks and outside partner organizations and agencies working on noxious weed control in our region.

Terms of Use: We encourage you to re-publish articles and media published on this blog. In fact, that’s one reason we built the blog. For photos and video, please include a credit to their original source, when provided. We would also really appreciate it you could include the link: Shared from kingcountyweeds.com

For more about King County’s Noxious Weed Control Program, please visit our official website,


5 replies

  1. Please tell me how to remove noxious Norway Maple. Are there different methods for saplings than for larger trees. Thanks, Sarah

  2. Hi Sarah, yes it all depends on how big they are. I recommend getting help from a professional arborist if the trees are large. For young saplings, you can borrow a Weed Wrench tool to help you lever out the roots. Contact us through our program email: noxious.weeds@kingcounty.gov to find out more about how to do that.

  3. I live in NE Seattle and don’t have a car. I am interested to help out on projects, but don’t want to spend several hours on the bus. Is there a City of Seattle agency that is concerned with noxious weed eradification in the area?

  4. I’m trying to craft an English ivy sign for a park … any chance you have models of such I can look at? E.g., something that informs people it’s a noxious weed.

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