Take a class about weeds and other naughty plants

Tansy ragwort and other naughty plants invading a lakeshore property in King County.

Bellevue Botanical Garden is hosting a workshop on our favorite subject this Saturday, June 4, 2016 at 10-11:30am, aptly named “Weeds and Other Naughty Plants“.

Master Gardener Joan Helbacka and King County Noxious Weed Specialist Karen Peterson are teaming up to teach all about weeds, from the pesky, nuisance weeds common in our gardens, to the less well known ornamental escapees that are invading parks and forests. Joan will discuss methods to help home gardeners minimize weeds and other undesirable plants since we all have planted things we wish we hadn’t. She will show photos of common weeds and and talk about best practices and strategies for dealing with difficult weeds. Karen will cover noxious and invasive weeds that are being targeted by state and county weed boards because of their serious impacts. Participants will receive a handout with a list of common garden plants that can be problems and resources for handling these plants.

Limited to 25 participants.  Pre-registration Required.
$25.00 for Bellevue Botanical Garden Society Members.
$35.00 Non-members.

Register online.