Naturalist program on invasive plants offered free for schools in King County (while supplies last!)

Teachers in King County can sign up to have a naturalist from Nature Vision teach their students about invasive and native plants with an engaging and interactive classroom program called Right Plant, Right Place. In addition to learning about how invasive plants impact the environment, students are inspired to make a difference in their communities.

students putting ivy into yard waste bags
Students bagging up invasive weed English ivy as part of a Nature Vision school program. Photo courtesy of Nature Vision.

New for the 2017-18 school year, middle school and high school versions will be available in addition to the elementary school program that has been offered in past years. A sponsorship from the King County Noxious Weed Control Program allows Nature Vision to offer this program for free to schools in King County for the first 35 classrooms that are scheduled each school year.

Through this partnership, Nature Vision has been providing the Right Plant Right Place program to elementary school students in King County since 2011. In the 2016-17 school year, 969 students from 11 schools participated in the program.

Teachers can schedule a naturalist online and can choose between two programs:

Right Plant, Right Place (Grades 3-5) introduces elementary students to the impacts of invasive plants to Washington’s ecosystems and wildlife. Students will learn about the different categories of weeds and the importance of native plants, along with the actions they can take to help stop the spread of invasive plants in their communities. Students will understand the competition between native and invasive plants through hands-on experience and discover the adaptations invasive plants have to survive and spread.

Right Plant, Right Place (Grades 6-12) introduces secondary students to state laws about noxious weeds to help them understand the importance of managing these harmful plants. Middle school students learn about the environmental impacts of our most common invasive plants and noxious weeds, and high school students learn about noxious weeds that have a large impact on both Washington’s environment and economy. Each grade band investigates the specific plants in small groups using data from a variety of sources to better understand key characteristics of noxious weeds and the Best Management Practices to remove them. By gaining a deeper understanding of the impacts noxious weeds have on our state’s well-being, we can all be more informed stewards and create more positive change.

three students work together to plant a native plant
Students planting native plants after removing invasives. Photo courtesy of Nature Vision.

Nature Vision is an environmental education nonprofit organization serving over 65,000 King County students each year.

For more information about noxious weeds in King County or other educational programs available through the noxious weed program, see our website or contact Sasha Shaw.