Join Us at Green Seattle Day!

Green Seattle Day Poster

Fall is a great time to plant trees in the Pacific Northwest and there are so many great tree planting opportunities this time of year. In Seattle, on November 4 from 9am-noon, the Green Seattle Partnership will host Green Seattle Day, a huge and awesome tree planting party at Jefferson Community Park and 21 other parks across Seattle. Join hundreds of volunteers planting trees all over the city.

The King County Noxious Weed Control Program will be there, too, to remind people about the importance of brushing your boots when you traipse through the city’s parks. The parks are beautiful—especially when they’re filled with native trees—but they’re also home to some nasty invasive weeds, like garlic mustard, that can easily hitch a ride on your shoes and become even more of a menace.

These garlic mustard seedlings are growing next to a log where volunteers like to brush their boots. Boot brushing really makes a difference!
Without careful control and prevention, garlic mustard can quickly overrun forest floors.

You can find noxious weed program staff at the Jefferson Community Center, Cheasty Greenspace, Woodland Park, and Maple Wood Playfield. So stop on by, plant some trees, enjoy the morning, and don’t forget to brush your boots!

Everyone can brush their boots!


  1. I am needed to volunteer at a conference that day. Otherwise, I’d come out and help!

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