Make room for trees – pull some weeds!

King County Parks, Green Seattle Partnership and many more organizations are making it easy for everyone to make room for trees and help grow a greener environment for Earth Month! Check out the great list of King County events for Earth Month, the big map full of fun work parties in Green Seattle, and see below for many more great ways to volunteer outdoors this month.

If you like using tools and being outdoors, volunteering in parks is perfect for you, and it’s even more fun with friends!
Working together, invasive ivy and blackberry piles up quickly, leaving lots of room to grow trees!

Invasive weeds are one of the biggest obstacles for new and growing forests. They are just too fast-growing and competitive to give trees and other native forest plants a chance.

Fortunately, people can make a huge difference by joining together to tip the balance back in favor of trees and native plants. If everyone volunteered even once a year, the difference in our forests would be amazing.

Volunteer removing English holly on Tiger Mountain
Volunteers can help protect forests by removing English holly and other invasive plants.

Living here in King County, we are blessed with so many opportunities to volunteer in green spaces and parks. It’s hard to know where to start, but I suggest starting where your heart takes you. Where do you love to be outside in nature? There are sure to be volunteer events there!

Big-trees-and volunteer-pulling-herb-robert-Middle-Fork-Trail-SShaw-20170611_101554
Volunteers make a difference preventing spread of invasive weeds into the wilderness.

Here are just a few ideas for ways to volunteer outdoors in King County – and I’m sure there are many more!

Middle Fork Snoqualmie Stewardship with Mountains to Sound Greenway

Snoqualmie Valley Volunteering with Stewardship Partners

Green Cities with Forterra:

West Seattle Duwamish Greenbelt with the Nature Consortium

Duwamish Alive!

The Dirt: Calendar of hands-on volunteer opportunities with King County Parks

What’s your favorite way to volunteer to help forests and natural areas? Share your ideas in comments or send me an email. Our Volunteer Information page always has room for more opportunities!

Nothing says the Pacific Northwest like really big trees!