Weed Control Methods Workshop (July 12) and Other Upcoming Classes

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Manual control is a tried and true method for many weeds, especially in smaller infestations.

Beating back noxious weeds is often tough, but knowing the best way to control them can make your job a whole lot easier. That’s why the King County Noxious Weed Control Program is offering a free Weed Control Methods Workshop for homeowners on Thursday, July 12thjoin us to learn the best practices and tools for your fight against noxious weeds!

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When using chemical control, follow all applicable laws and regulations regarding herbicide use on your site, and follow all label directions.

If you can’t make it to the July 12th workshop, don’t worry. We’re also offering a free Noxious Weeds Class on September 10th, which will cover ID and control methods for a wide variety of noxious weeds in a range of habitats.

Visitors learn to identify noxious weeds with the help of demonstration plants.

Alternatively, if you or anyone you know would rather learn about noxious weed control in Spanish, our Free Spanish-Language Workshop on Tree Pruning and Care, as well as Weed Control, is a perfect fit. (See our bilingual blog post about it here.) This class will take place:

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Last, if you’re not able to make it to any of the workshops this summer or fall, we have plenty of information on our website to help you get a handle on your noxious weeds. Our page on weed control practices is a great place start (or, if you’re dealing with knotweed, check out our Knotweed Control Videos).

And, as always, feel free to contact us at noxious.weeds@kingcounty.gov or (206) 477-9333.

Hope to see you soon!