Help test the new smartphone app for reporting noxious weeds in King County

UPDATE Feb 15, 2019: The app is now available for both Apple and Android devices! For more information, see King County Connect mobile app

Do you live, work or explore the outdoors in King County? If so, we could use your help trying out King County Connect, a new customer service app developed by King County with an option for reporting noxious weed locations. It’s available now for Android and Apple devices. It’s brand new so we’re hoping people will start submitting some weeds in this early version and give us feedback on any issues, to ensure it is ready before the weeds really get going in the spring.


With King County Connect you can quickly and easily use your phone to share a photo and location of a noxious weed you spot growing anywhere in King County. The information goes directly to the noxious weed program for verification and appropriate follow up, depending on the weed category. For weeds that are regulated, a noxious weed specialist will visit the location and notify the appropriate agency or property owner to make sure the weeds are controlled. For weeds that aren’t regulated, the data will be shared with agencies or partners working on invasive weed control in that area.

The app has photos and information about weeds on the state noxious weed list to help you identify which weeds you are seeing and to learn more about their impacts. If you don’t know the plant name, you can still submit the photo and location for a noxious weed expert to identify. You can opt in to get a follow-up email or text about your weed report if you choose. There’s a link to the noxious weed program for more photos and information about noxious weeds.

King County Connect is part of the county’s effort to create tools that allow residents to make requests, send the county messages, and stay informed about activities in their area. This initial release has two tools: report noxious weed locations and contact King County about general topics. App users can expect more reporting options and other helpful features in future releases. Future updates will also include additional photos and updates on the weed information pages.

King County’s online form for reporting noxious weed locations will not change and is still a great way to report weeds. With the added convenience of an app for your smart phone or device, we hope to see more reporting, increased awareness, and reduced noxious weed impacts in King County. Check out King County Connect today and let us know what you think.

Click here for King County Connect in Google Play

To submit feedback on the app, email If you have any questions about noxious weeds or what happens with the weed reports, contact King County Noxious Weeds.